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Project Overview

‘Community of Practice on Social Accountability (CoPSA) is a strategic initiative to create a platform for sharing and learning together by creating linkages between practitioners, innovators and other actors of social accountability. This intervention is also a realization of the need to anchor a platform for shared practices in the area of social accountability and learning from each other. Characteristically, the design of CoPSA would be a quasi-formal structure which allows practitioners from not only linked with ‘Affiliated Network for Social Accountability in South Asia Region (ANSA SAR)’ but also from diverse area for cross learning.

This intervention underlines need for good governance and enhanced accountability in the South Asia Region and it is understood as the best instrument for spreading, mainstreaming and institutionalizing social accountability. In such a context ANSA-SAR has entrusted Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS) with the responsibility of being a regional anchor to integrate the experiences through creating a platform for the community to achieve the objective of nurturing and consolidating knowledge, experience, tools, and lessons from practice among the partners of ANSA-SAR and beyond, facilitating networking between various stakeholders and mainstreaming social accountability and integrate it into country/region specific work by generating systematic approaches across networks and regions and develop depository of best practices on specific tools through various activities.

The core members of this initiative includes prominent organizations from the south Asian countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and India. It will have a dynamic portal consisting of several IT tools to share hands on experiences in an ongoing manner. It will also include face to face interactions, trainings, placements etc. in all the member countries so that good practices and innovative practices can be shared with the members of the community.


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  • Social Accountability in South Asia: Improving Development Outcomes
    December 18, 2012, New Delhi

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