Stories of Change: Glimpses of a Journey −1983-2018

This publication encapsulates success stories of two areas: Child Protection and Women’s Empowerment, which are based upon outcomes from various projects of CUTS that it is implementing in rural areas of Rajasthan since 1993. It is an attempt to capture CUTS’ endeavour of more than two decades in the field of women’s empowerment, sustainable gender development and protection of child rights.
Pp 38, #1902, ISBN 978-81-8257-274-4

Self-Help Groups: A Catalyst for Women Empowerment

Self Help Groups (SHGs) have been identified as a way to alleviate poverty and promote women empowerment. Women empowerment aims at realising their identities, power and potentiality in all spheres of lives. But the real empowerment is possible only when a woman has increased access to economic resources leading to more say in family matters and participation in socio-political decisions. This publication is an attempt to capture CUTS endeavour of more than two decades in the field of women empowerment and sustainable gender development.
Pp 59, #1523

Disability is not Inability: Mainstreaming Persons with Disability

Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) is widely accepted as one of the best approaches to enhancing quality of life for people with disabilities and ensuring that they are included in mainstream society. This monograph published under the CBR project with the support of Sightsavers will help disseminate the success of the project and will be useful for planners from government and non-government organisations, for ensuring inclusion of people with disabilities in all development initiatives.
Pp 43, #1403, ISBN 978-81-8257-210-2

Stronger Voice to the Excluded Children: Stories we have lived and learned about child rights development

This monograph has been published under the project ‘Stronger Voice to Excluded Children in Government & NGO Policies and Programmes’ implemented by CUTS Centre for Human Development (CHD) in Chittorgarh in partnership with Save the Children – Bal Raksha Bharat, with the objective to advocate for protection of child rights and inclusion of children, is an attempt to capture the key learning from the intervention for dissemination to a wider audience. The book encapsulates successful efforts made by CUTS and community (especially) in villages of Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan to fight against exclusion.
Pp 47, #1332, ISBN 978-81-8257-205-8j

Khuli Khidkiyan, Khule Darwaze

This Monograph has been published under the Project entitled, ‘Grassroots Reachout & Networking in India on Trade & Economics (GRANITE)’ and prepared by Shashi Prabha of CUTS Centre for Human Development (CUTS CHD). It throws light on liberalisation and globalisation provides a better understanding of the issues like trade, privatisation, monopoly and competition and open markets etc.
Pp 21, Rs 20, #0503, ISBN: 81-8257-051-4