Research Reports

Vulnerability Assessment Report

Vulnerability assessment exercise was done in Sajjangarh and Gangadtalai blocks of Banswara district. Main objectives of assessment To develop understanding of vulnerabilities of children among PLCPC and sensitising them to take action to reduce their vulnerabilities. Mapping of services/service providers available to provide additional support to vulnerable children and their families.

Jaiv Vividhta Sanrakshan Ke Samvaahak Guni

Land based activities have been the sole source of sustenance for the rural populace. The drought has created a menace for both humans and cattle with respect to food, fodder and drinking water. With the passage of time, the community also lost track of its traditional water conservation and water harvesting methods.

This Research shed light on the role of traditional healers having indigenous knowledge systems are actively participating in the biodiversity conservation; disseminating their skills in the community; and communicating sustainable practices and providing critical inputs to the policy makers.
Pp 86, Rs 50, #0421, ISBN: 81-8257-036-0

Alakh Jaga Hai Gaon Gaon Mein

Where there is water, there is life. But in many parts of India, water is extremely scarce. CUTS has made efforts to identify factors responsible for the scarcity of water and devised strategies for overcoming this shortage. The main aim of this Research Report is to promote water conservation.
Pp 44, Rs 30, #0408, ISBN: 81-8257-023-9