Women Dairy Leadership Development Project – (2003)

The project, supported by the Bhilwara Chittorgarh Milk Production Co-operative Federation Ltd was implemented in Bhilwara district. The duration of the project was of six months.

Objectives of the project

  • Increase in the quality of Milk production
  • Enhancement in Fat and S.N.F. of milk
  • Increase the no. of women employees in the milk production co-operative committees
  • Ensure safe motherhood
  • Pre-project scenario of the area
  • Lack of quality in production of milk
  • Lack of female members in the milk co-operative committees in the region
  • High mortality rate of mother and child

Methods of Execution

  • Series of meeting with the local community
  • Advocacy work with local administration, local leaders, PRI members and local groups
  • Establish good relation with local people
  • Awareness generation programmes
  • Literacy campaigns
  • Formation of women committees


  • Collection of milk increased by 10 percent
  • The fat in milk increased by 5.2 percent
  • Average S.N.F. increased by 8.5 percent
  • Women participation increased by 30 percent
  • 50 percent of the members are now literate
  • Decrease in mother mortality rate
  • Arrangement of potable water for villagers