10thSeptember, 2016

A vocational training for disabled people was organized under Sightsavers Social Inclusion Program. The training was organized on detergent making, Dish wash making & Phenyl making with 11 members of SamaveshMaa self-help group at Bassigrampanchayat in Chittorgarh block on 10th Sept, 2016. The objective of the training to support the SHG in establishing a livelihood activity within the group & most of the group members get a livelihood for their survival. The training was demand based of the group members during developing business development plan of the group.

Mr. LalitJaroli was called from Sankalp credit Cooperative Society Ltd. as a resource person. The society is engaged in SHG formation, Microfinance, different types of vocational training within the groups & support in marketing of the products.

Mr. LalitJaroli shared about the activities to be done that day. He described about the preparation formula of detergent making, Dish wash liquid & Phenyl in their local language & prepared detergent, liquid & phenyl giving instruction of safety.