Strengthening Women Empowerment through Electoral Process “SWEEP” Campaign


Strengthening the Leadership of Elected Women Representatives in local village councils – gram panchayats so as to address violence against women through the governance framework by the campaign activities as under:

Potential leadership workshop/ Candidate training
Potentials leadership workshop and trainings will cover members of Elected Women Representatives, Federation, SHGs, and potential candidates

Simulation Camps
Violence and corruption-free election, and raise voter awareness among villagers. It also provides an opportunity to women belonging to marginalised community to ensure active participation in electoral process

Street play, Film Show, puppet shows, Rallies ,Village Meeting ,Slogan Writing
The Elected Women Federation members will lead SWEEP campaign with the help of partner organisation in working areas


  • To promote women participation and leadership in Election
  • To ensure non-violence and fearless Election
  • To ensure awareness for more women candidature in Election.
  • To promote participation of minority, SC, ST and OBC women in societies
  • To raise awareness about women reservation policy in elections and also ensure their representation
  • Dialogue with concerned stakeholders for them to play a pro-active role to fulfill above objectives
  • To prevent and address gender-based violence
  • To prepare positive environment in politics

Area of Intervention

Districts Blocks Number of gram panchayats Elected women representatives
Chittorgarh Chittorgarh 39 195
Chittorgarh Nimbhahera 35 175
Bhilwara Suwana 34 170

Project Duration: October 2014-March 2015

Project Outcomes: Violence and corruption-free Gram Panchayat elections in Rajasthan.