8 & 9 September 2016

    A two days skill development camp on vegetable production & marketing was organized for people with disabilities at KrishiVigyan Kendra from 8 to 9 September 2016. Total 30 disabled people including 4 visually Impaired & Low vision & 5 female participants who are already engaged in the agricultural activity especially in vegetable production & having an interest in this activity for their livelihood participated the training. The training was fully residentially for two days.

    Objectives of the training were-

  • To learn about advance technique to grow vegetables including greenhouse and poly-house, for vegetables.
  • Selection appropriate vegetable varieties for different situations.
  • Increase knowledge about general cultural practices used for vegetable production.
  • Management of potential problems, including pests, diseases, weeds, and environmental disorders, in vegetable production.
  • Harvesting, and post-harvest treatment of different vegetables.
  • To learn marketing strategies for different vegetables.
  • The first day training started with introduction of participants one by one & their expectations from training. The overall expectation came out that the participants wants to learn an advance and modern technique in vegetable production & sale so that more & more benefits would be earned in low cost. MrKamlesh K Jangid (DPM_SSIP) discussed the vision, mission & objectives of Rajasthan Social Inclusion programme through a short presentation. He also described the objectives of the training. The training was started with the first session taken by Dr Rajesh Jalwaniya (Subject Specialist from KrishiVigyan Kendra). He discussed about the introduction & scope in vegetable production. DrJalwaniya also added how they can start vegetable production & marketing as a business.

    A session was facilitated by DrNathulalMeghwal (Subject Specialist from Horticulture Department). MrMeghwal discussed about the off seasonal vegetables production & precautions in growing the vegetables. He also described the safe storage of vegetables. MrMeghwal also covered greenhouse method, govt. subsidy available on greenhouse plant, water hall at community & individually level, pack house as grading & packaging for vegetables. Another session was also taken by DrNathulalMeghwal. He described the preparation & precautions of a Nursery & also discussed about the medicine used in plant &govt subsidy available in Rajasthan.

    The second day, the revision session was facilitated by Mrs. GayatriMoad(Community Mobilizer-SSIP) through question & answer process. The second day training was started by MadanLalKeer (BSIF-SSIP) about organic farming & its importance through a short presentation & video. He also discussed about disabilities generated using chemical fertilizers & pesticides in the farming. The next session was taken by Dr Rajesh Jalwaniya (Subject Specialist-KVK) about content & methodology of nutrient values & the methods of irrigations in vegetable production through a short presentation & video.

    A session on pest, diseases & control was facilitated by DrAbhaysinghBhaati(Senior Specialist-KVK). DrBhaati discussed about the common pest & diseases found in the vegetables & suggested the treatments. He also added the precaution of spread diseases & pest. MrBhaati gave some important tips to make an organic pesticide by Jaggery, Cow-dung & Cow-urine, to control pest & diseases in vegetables. The participants visited a Nursery developed by KVK & the visit was facilitated by DrBhaati. He described about the method of prepare an organic fertilizer, making beds & prepare tiny plants in a sheet practically.

    The next session was taken by DrRatanLalSolanki (Subject Specialist-KVK) about the traditional methods & new techniques in vegetable cultivation. By the end of the day, the training was closed with heartily thanks delivered by Kamlesh Sharma (BSIF-SSIP) to participants & resource persons to attend the training.