Events Archive June 2009

CHD takes initiative to strengthen DNGO forum

CHD is the secretariat of the DNGO forum. A Meeting of District NGO (DNGO) forum was held at CHD on June 21. Members of DNGO forum are NGOs working in Chittorgarh. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the role of DNGO forum in supporting district administrations’ initiative in developmental work and reelect the core working committee. Fifteen NGOs participated in the meeting. It was decided during the meeting that DNGO forum should raise issues like good governance, consumer awareness, quality education and health facilities in the district. All members accepted that DNGO forum should act as a facilitating agency and help the local administration in raising awareness of local people. It was decided to support the Green Chittorgarh initiative of the government. Responsibility was given to couple of people to draw a plan. Restructuring the DNGO forum was also discussed. It was decided that on June 28 meeting, new working committee of DNGO forum will be elected and the Green Chittorgarh plan will be finalized.

CHD invited to build capacity of DNGO forum

The DNGO forum meeting was held on June 28 at CHD. The purpose of the meeting was to restructure DNGO forum, elect new working committee and finalize the plan for the Green Chittorgarh. Seventeen NGOs participated in the meeting. The previous working committee was dissolved and new working committee was selected. Dinesh Joshi of Anubhuti Sira (President), Madan Giri Goswami of CUTS-CHD (Secretary), Mohan Lal Namdhar of Gopal Goshala (Treasurer), Kailash Singh Dewal of Help Sansthan and Kamlesh Dwivedi of Ummid Samiti (Vice Chairman) were selected for one year. The team has been given the responsibility to work out a plan for supporting local administration. Amit Chowdhary, Centre Coordinator of CHD was requested to write network based proposal and involve DNGOs. Amit was also requested to build capacity of DNGOs on various issues. The Green Chittorgarh plan was finalized. Vinod Malhotra (VM), Person Incharge of Green Chittorgarh (also holding the post of Tehsildar and Deputy Registrar) joined the meeting later and briefed about the Green Chittorgarh initiative. VM was sent by the District Collector to seek support of NGOs.