World Consumer Rights Day

15 March 2017

World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) was observed on theme is “Building a Digital World Consumer Can Trust’’ on 15 March 2017at Chittorgarhaims to raise awareness about consumer rights.On the day, CUTS Centre for Human Development and District Supply Office jointly organised the event on the safe digital access;In opening remark, GauharMahmood said this year the theme is of ‘Building a digital world consumers can trust’. In today’s age, where Facebook, Instagram and other digital communication and social media platforms dominate daily life, consumers need to be aware of the impact of these online services on them. There is no question that such technologies are helping the world in many ways, but blind trust on such media can sometimes prove detrimental.

Mr.GyanmalKhateek Additional Chief Executive Officer, District Council said although this still leaves many consumers, who are still struggling to access these technologies. The rapid growth of the internet, mobile phones and other digital technologies has created opportunities and challenges for millions of consumers around India specially rural areas. Whilst consumers undoubtedly benefit from the increased access, choice and convenience that these technologies deliver, questions remain about how to improve the quality of services, which online services consumers can trust, what happens to the data they share online and what consumers’ rights are in relation to digital products. The sheer pace of change is also a challenge.

Ms.VandanaKhorwal, District Supply Officer spoke on four basic consumer rights like Right to safety: Protection against goods and services that can be dangerous to one’s health; Right to choose: The option to choose from an array of goods and services with assurance of good quality at competitive prices; Right to information: Making choices based on honest advertising and promotion; Right to be heard: To voice their opinion regarding government policies relating to consumers.Col Randheer Singh, Chairman Petrol Association Chittorgarh spoke on Everyone consumers consumes for different reasons, be it for satisfaction, luxury, or just simple everyday needs. A customer with knowledge about the goods and services makes a wise decision regarding the same. However, often the right or correct information is not provided to consumers and misleads them. Advertisements and Promotions are used to market various products but if done wrong, they can adversely affects the consumer’s best interests.

Dr Harish Upadhyay Block Chief Medical & Health Officer said the World Consumer Rights Day plays a crucial role in safeguarding the consumers’ interests by raising awareness about the consumers’ rights regarding authenticity and quality of products and services.Mr.Liaqat Ali Shorgar; District Minority &Welfare Officer; Ms.HeenaChowdhryAstt Manager Bank of Baroda, SumanTiwari, Enforcement Officer.Consumer Activists Roshan Mewari, BhagwalLal Sharma, Tabassumwere also delivered speeches on concerned subject, MadanGiriGoswami delivered thanks to all participants. In open house, the guests and bank official explained about the queries raised by consumers on digital concern; Total 80 consumers were participated.