Swadharini – SHG-Bank Linkages Programme (SHG-BLP)


Swadharini is a pilot project with an objective to upscale and intensify the SHG-Bank Linkages Programme (SHG-BLP) in Rajasthan, based on Resource Non-Government Organisation (R-NGO) model. Though the Self-Help Group (SHG) has spread in several parts of the state, it has limited success in terms of impacts due to lack of suitable Project Implementing Agency (PIA) which requires knowledge, expertise and experience of hand holding. In order to strengthen and upscale the SHGs programme in Rajasthan state, NABARD RO has initiated a project called Swadharini to promote, nurture, and bank link of SHGs in identified districts through R-NGOs in 11 districts of Rajasthan.

This pilot project will also focus on capacity building and training of various stakeholders viz. PIAs, Bankers, SHG workers and members and other related functionaries. The selected R-NGOs will identify the potential PIAs for forming and bank linkages of SHGs in their respective areas. The R-NGOs will train PIAs personnel have in order to promote the SHGs programme. R-NGO will also conduct the training of bankers and other stakeholders as identified during situational analysis by the R-NGOs. The R-NGOs will monitor the programme in assigned district/s and progress reports submitted to NABARD time to time. This is the first stage of Swadharini project.


To promote and credit link at least 1500 new SHGs and strengthen the existing SHGs in each of districts selected under the programme; and

To open their individual SB A/Cs of SHGs to link them with micro insurance and pension schemes, provide livelihood activities support and converge umbrella programme of the Government of India, such as National Rural Livelihood Mission within a period of three years.

Area of Intervention

S.N Name of Organisation Target
PIA-1 Kriti Sansthan 100
PIA-2 Nav Nirman Sansthan 50
PIA-3 Jagrati Sansthan 200
PIA-4 Sankalp Sansthan 50
PIA-5 Arunodaya Sansthan 200
PIA-6 Gramin Vikas Sewa Sansthan 50
PIA-7 Navachar Sansthan 100

S.N Name of Organisation Target
PIA-1 ISAP 300
PIA-2 Sadhak Sewa Sansthan 100
PIA-3 Saraswati Baal Sewa Smiti 50
PIA-4 Shishu Matra Sewa Sansthan 100
PIA-5 Vkss 100
PIA-6 Nehru Yuva Sansthan 200
PIA-7 Deep Development 100

CHD’s Role as Resource Agency

  • Responsibility of the programme (including credit linkage, opening of individual SB A/c, linking with insurance/pension scheme etc).
  • Situational Analysis
  • Capacity building/orientation/training/sensitisation programmes for various stakeholders
  • Helping PIAs in formation, nurturing, and bank linkage of SHGs (continuous handholding)
  • Organising credit camps to facilitate SB & credit linkage of SHGs
  • Facilitating PIAs to develop a PERT chart to monitor the progress the project
  • Monitoring of the project and development of MIS
  • Other interventions to ensure the success of project

CHD’s Role as Project Implementing Agency

  • Formation, nurturing, and bank linkage of SHGs
  • Opening of Individual SB A/Cs of members
  • Linking SHGs with micro insurance/pension schemes
  • Refresher training to SHGs
  • Linking SHGs with livelihood activities
  • PIAs will be associated with the project for a period of three years
  • Submission of monthly MIS to Resource NGOs so that they may compile the same for all PIAs and communicate the same to NABARD
  • Project Duration: October 2013-March 2015

Desired Outcomes

  • During first year, various capacity building/orientation/training/sensitisation programmes for bankers (to be conducted by RAs), formation, nurturing, and bank (both SB and credit linkage of 1500 SHGs per district) – jointly by PIAs and RAs.
  • During second year, opening of individual SB A/Cs of members of SHGs promoted in first year, linking these SHGs with micro insurance/pension schemes, refresher training to SHGs and linking the SHGs with livelihood activities.
  • During third year, skill development of SHGs’ linkages with different government schemes including NRLM, livelihood promotion and placement in different activities and moving towards SHG federations.