Sightsavers Social Inclusion Project

    About Project

    CUTS Centre for Human Development implementing Sightsavers Social Inclusion project withsupported by Sighsavers (Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind), is designed for a primarily focuses on ensuring economic empowerment of person with disability and developing the network of people with disabilities at the state as well as district, leading to social inclusion of all people with disabilities. The project also intends to engage visually impaired and other disabled people in mapping sustainable livelihood.

    The project focuses on bringing about a change in outlook towards disabled people among all stakeholders including government thereby developing an enabling environment for disabled people to avail their rights.

    The advocacy and influencing policy changes expected, the advocacy initiatives with the concerned government department will start giving result in behavioral change of the community towards disabled people.


    Disabled people in Rajasthan are equal members of society and enjoy enhanced quality of life.


  • To improve participation of PWDs in Society towards realisation of their rights.
  • To facilitate enhanced opportunity for economic security of PWDs.
  • To enable DPOs (Disabled people Organsiation) to advocate for the rights of disabled people.
  • Enabling environment for effective implementation of policies.
  • Project Area:

    Project is implementing two blocks Nimbahera and Chittorgarh with 74 Gram Panchayats of Chittorgarh district.

    Targeted Group:

    Proposed project primarily focuses on ensuring economic empowerment of all People with disabilities and developing/strengthening the network of people with disabilities at the District as well as Rajasthan State.

    Duration of the project:

    The duration of the project is for five year, i.e. August 2014- July 2019.

    Desired outcomes:

  • Changed in outlook towards disabled people among all stakeholders including government thereby developing an enabling environment for disabled people to avail their rights.
  • Identified and categorised disabled people in the area, raised awareness on disability rights among them and sensitised local stakeholders in addition to active DPOs members.
  • Enhanced leadership in PwDs, poverty reduction among disabled people and their Social inclusion lead to better livelihood opportunities.
  • Linkages to various schemes have emerged as a good strategy to enable PwDs access benefits and entitlement.
  • Enabling environment ensuring effective implementation of policies and increased capacity of District/ Block level DPOs to advocate for local level issues.
  • Increased accessibility of PwDs to basic entitlements and improved accessibility to public facilities /systems /services.
  • Improved utilization of government funds to PwDs and senstitised stakeholders and decision makers.
  • Key activities and achievements-

  • Total 5472 PwDs have been identified through baseline survey in two implementing blocks
  • IEC/BCC materials have been developed and distributing among community as well as stakeholders.
  • Two consultation cum convergence meetings has been organised at district level
  • Livelihood mapping survey has been done of people with disabilities as sample basis and livelihood engagement of disabled people is ongoing
  • Accessibility audit of 15 public buildings has been done to create a barrier free environment and increase the accessibility of people with disabilities
  • Total 8 Skill development and vocational trainings were organised for people with disabilities and continuously ongoing.
  • Total 6 Disabled people organisations (one district level and five block level) have been formed and continuously ongoing.
  • Disabled people organization has been awarded at state level for best work in benefiting to disabled people by government schemes in Chittorgarh district
  • 26 self-help groups have been formed of disabled people and groups members are working for their social & economic empowerment through self-help groups..
  • Disabled People Organisation (DPO)

    Disabled people organization(DPO) also called MewarViklangSevaSansthanis an organisation that is run by disabled peopleformed by CUTS CHD under the project of sightsavers. The objective of DPO is to provide a well-known platform to the disabled people organising them and do advocacy with government and policy makers & empower the disabled people about their rights and entitlements, generate awareness among the society towards people with disabilities.

    First, the disabled people gathered at a platform in large numbers and discussed about the situation of disabled people in the district. They felt to organise as a group and decided to advocate with government and policy maker collectively.

    A disabled people organisation came in existence since 2010 in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, known as MewarViklanagSewaSansthan (MVSS) and was registered in 2012 comprising 21 members in its executive committee.

    MewarViklangSewaSansthan( Disabled People Organisation) has its own vision “Each and Every disabled people live a dignity life accessing good health, good education, social integrity and honorable-livelihood.”

    Major activities done by MVSS-

  • Accessibility audit was conducted successfully in various government facilities.
  • Networking, lobbying and coordination to increase accessibility to welfare schemes for people with disabilities.
  • MVSS also supported to mobilize and treatment of visually impaired person and tie up with eye hospitals, corporates and donor etc.
  • MVSS also distributed Braille Kit, books, & create livelihood for disabled people and visually impaired person from its own sources.
  • DPO members responded in written to invited suggestions for rectification in proposed Disabled act by GoR&GoI to increase the reservation in govt. jobs, increase pension, simplification of accessibility to govt. services & start allowances to PwDs for survival.
  • District Collector & State Minister awarded a memorandum MVSS as well as CUTS CHD for its excellent work in the area of welfare of PwDs
  • MVSS organised welfare camps in the collaboration with DoSJ&E, chittorgarh
  • DPO has generate a Facebook group &whatsApp group for circulating the information to each other’s
  • MVSS motivated its DPO members to take opportunity politically & being selected in Panchayatiraj Institution elections, so the advocacy can be done easily.