Ripple Effect of Grassroots Interventions

Ripple Effect of Grassroots Interventions

It is not only a matter of satisfaction but also of pride for a voluntary organisation, that people have owned and on self motivation are taking forward the developmental interventions initiated by it.

The members of CUTS Centre of Human Development (CHD) felt the success of their efforts, when the people of Kanpura village of Badoli Ghata gram panchayat in Nimbahera panchayat samiti discussed with them regarding organisation of awareness generation event for enrollment of girl child in schools as a part of the ‘encouragement for education of girl child’ programme. They also volunteered to make monetary contribution for coordination of the same.

This positive enabling environment for ‘education of girl child’ in the traditionally conservative and male dominated society of Rajasthan is the outcome of the commitment to the cause and continual efforts of the Centre. As a part of the “Rural Women’s Empowerment Project (RWEP) – III”, the formal and informal community leaders and other decision influencers of this village were associated in various training programmes, exposure visits and contemplating sessions conducted by the Centre and have been sensitised and made aware on issues related to gender equity, education, local self governance, health, environment etc. The self-help group (SHG) of women, catalysed by the Centre, has evolved as a strong community based organisation (CBO) of this village. Mr. Gheesa Ba Gurjjar, a seventy year old man and Ms. Heera Bai, a separated lady of the village who have been rendering philanthropic service for the development of the village, are central figures of this campaign.

The members of the women SHG discussed the plan of action and financial aspects of the event with the community leaders of the village. It was unanimously decided to invite the local Member of Parliament (MP) and Pradhan. They also identified children of school going age and motivated the parents of these children to send them to school. The villagers contributed a sum of two thousand rupees for this event.

On 9th July 2001, Mr. Srichand Kriplani (MP), Mr. Meghraj Jat (Pradhan) and Mr. Shyam Sunder Sharma (Block Education Officer) along with several other government personnel as well as people’s representatives graced the Balika Praves Utsav (event on enrollment of girl child). On this day hundred percent enrollment of children (girls as well as boys) happened in the school. Being pleased, Mr. Kriplani announced to grant a sum of one thousand rupees for enrollment of every girl child from the MP’s fund. The residents of the village have formed education committee to ensure retention of these children