Reproductive and Child Health Project

The Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) project was implemented during April 2005 to March 2006. The project was funded by the Rajasthan Voluntary Health Association, Jaipur, and Health and Family Welfare Ministry.


  • empowering women to take self-decision related to health and nutrition and family planning;
  • ensuring safe motherhood;
  • sensitising male members of the family to reproductive and child health issues;
  • creating a healthy atmosphere for a person for sharing her/his health problems; and
  • ensuring the efficiency of maternity services.

Areas of Implementation

Panchayats of Sahanva, Bojunda, Pastoli, Devri, Ghaghsa, Thukrava, Rithola, Parlia, Semlia, Chouthpura, Billoula, Zafar Khera, Segva, Raghunathpura and Banashti of Chittorgarh district.

Pre-project Scenario of the Area

  • Girls were more hesitant in sharing their health problems;
  • Lack of trained staff for deliveries;
  • Lack of maternity facilities;
  • People were not using contraceptives;
  • Family planning methods were not used; and
  • Following useless traditions during the pregnancy.

Activities Undertaken

  • Baseline survey;
  • Networking at rural level;
  • Workshops on health issues;
  • Compilation of reference material;
  • Monthly meeting; and
  • Various cultural activities on health-related issues and social ills.

Outcome of the Project

  • Women and girls started participating in village meetings;
  • Demand generated for contraceptives;
  • Vaccines of T.T. increased while pregnancy;
  • Efficiency in governmental services increased; and
  • Mentality of people changed regarding family planning.