India is mainly an agricultural country, where over 58 present of nation’s population is involved for livelihood. There is huge untapped potential of organic farming in India. Organic farming emerged as a potential alternative for meeting food demand, maintaining soil fertility and increasing soil carbon pool. The modern agriculture methods are one of the major causes of environmental degradation. Both crops and animals are prone to vagaries of nature. Presently, agriculture has become a relatively unrewarding profession mainly due to low productivity, unfavourable prices and practically very little value addition. In most of the cases, even primary value addition is missing.

    The promotion of organic consumption is directly related to environment in many ways. It will drastically reduce use of pesticides and chemical in production, which is one of the major causes of environmental degradation along with unfit for human health. The chemical in food products adversely affects reproduction capabilities in women and girls. Moreover Indian societies being largely patriarchal women need are not in first priority, so they are more prone to chemical contaminations in food. So the adoption of organic consumption will benefit women and girl the most

    About ProOrganic Project:

    The project named Bridge year FY 2016-2017 is to promote organic consumption in Chittorgarh and protapgarh districts of Rajasthan state covering by awareness generation, sensitization, capacity building and advocacy activities. There are total 16 blocks in these 2 selected districts having total 455Panchayats, but for the project we will select only 2 gram Panchayat from each block, so a total 32 gram Panchayats will be covered under the project. This project is extended to 2017 to fill the identified gaps and sustain the gained momentum to achieve expected outcomes of better eco-system through promotion of organic consumption.

    Project Objectives

  • Sensitization awareness and education on organic consumption and production
  • Capacity building of farmers to promote organic farming
  • Advocacy for policies in favour of organic farming
  • New five years project entitled “Developing a Culture of Sustainable Consumption and Lifestyle through Organic Production and Consumption” started for the from April 2017 and project is implementing in three districts viz. Chittorgarh, Pratapgarh&Bhilwara district. Total 56 villages will cover from 28 blocks. Awareness Campaign, Farmer’s Trainings, Exposure Visits & Organic Fairs will organised as well as organic clubs and organic garden will developed in selected district.

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