A Project for women empowerment and livelihood programme namely Priyadarshni Model SHGs scheme with the support of Women’s Commission, Department of Women and Child Development, GoR, Under this programme selected Self-Help Groups are empower the beneficiaries to address their political, legal, health problem related issues through rigorous capacity building.


    The main objective of this programme is to develop model SHGs by providing training in all aspects of SHGs i.e. sensitizing about the SHG concept, developing the regular saving habit among the SHG’s members, organizing SHG meetings, maintaining records, developing leadership qualities and providing an opportunities to each SHG member for additional income through adoption of income generation activities so that rural women of other areas would adopt the SHG model for sustainable livelihood.

    Location & Targeted group

    CUTS Centre for Human Development has been implemented Priyadarshni modal SHG scheme inBhilwara district of Rajasthan. 10 SHGs were covered in Suwan Block during the 2013-14 and 10 SGHs were selected from Mandalblock in 2015-16

    Major Activities:

  • Scheme Orientation Training.
  • Managerial and Leadership Capacity Building
  • Entrepreneurship Development and Awareness Training
  • Income Generating Activity and Quality Up-gradation training
  • Market survey, marketing training and market linkages.
  • Exposure visits to sustain income generation activities.
  • Outcomes

  • 20 self-help groups were developed as a PRIYADARSHNI ADARSH SHGs in Bhilwara district.
  • More than 235 women trained on women related various subjects.
  • Self-help groups started regular monthly meetings and created saving habit.
  • Started saving-loan in Self-help groups meetings as well as productive discussion on social issues.
  • Self-help groups maintains book keeping records by own.
  • Self-help groups are being internal loan transactions on a regular basis.
  • 100% loan repayment by Self-help groups in targeted period.
  • Subsequent linkage with the banks to enable them to involve in income generation activities.
  • Self-help groups have been permanently involved in income generation activities.
  • Above 60 percent Self-help group members started new business for extra income at their village viz. tailoring, Animal Husbandry, Goat, Beauty Parlour etc.