Information and Education on Reproductive and Child Health, 2000-02

The objective of the Information and Education on Reproductive and Child Health Project (IERCHP) was to generate awareness and action among rural women on issues relating to reproductive and child health. The project area covered fifteen villages in the Chittorgarh block of Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan.

The project aimed at educating rural women and disseminate relevant information to them so that they become empowered enough to face the problems and take decisions relating to their own as well as child’s health. It also intended to sensitise community leaders (particularly the menfolk) to approach reproductive and child health care issues in a pro-active and positive manner. This project of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare was implemented with the support of Rajasthan Voluntary Health Association.

Major Activities Covered

  • Baseline survey;
  • Awareness generation workshops for community leaders;
  • Workshops on traditional health care facilities;
  • Training workshops for Dais (traditional birth attendants);
  • Organising ‘health day’ and ‘health fair’ in targeted villages; and
  • Advocacy and networking with government agencies, as well as community-based organisations, for the improvement of health care services at the village level.

Outcomes of the Project

  • increased awareness about reproductive rights;
  • reduction in infant as well as pre and post-natal mortality rates;
  • zero maternal mortality;
  • complete immunisation;
  • increase in mean age of marriage, particularly among girls; and
  • increase in time interval between births.