Farmers Producers Organisation


    There are more than 12.5 million farmer families in India, out of which there are more than 85 small and marginal farmers whose size of land is less than 2 hectares. The average size of geographical area per farmer family is 1.33 hectares. Due to the small pieces of land and their unorganized work, farmers do not have to adopt latest technology, but using high yielding varieties of seeds and fertilizers is also not financially viable. NABARD has initiated the financing of productive organizations under which flexible approach has been adopted to meet the needs of the producers. To focus specifically on this, “Productive Organization Development Fund” has been established with effect from 01 April 2011, whose initial group fund is Rs. 50 crores. Productive Organization Development Fund assistance is provided as Loan assistance is provided for financial assistance. This support is also available for the grant, loan or both of these, capacity building and market collaboration.


    Farmer producer organisations project is being implementing by CUTS Centre for Human Development in Chittorgarh&Bhilwara district of Rajasthan state and 1000 farmers will be joined with each Farmer producer organisation within 3 years.


    The duration of the project is of three year, i.e. December 2015- November 2018


    The project is focus on small and marginal farmers with a primary focus on backward and vulnerable women headed household with the following objectives;

  • To Building and nurturing farmers’ groups/JLGs and SHGs at the primary and apex level
  • Planning and implementation of livelihood initiatives, especially aimed at productivity enhancement
  • Formation and development of Farmer Producer Association for market linkage and obtaining extension and knowledge services
  • To improve land and water resource base of small and marginal households
  • To improve right, access and control of farmers over Farm resource and technology
  • To ensure knowledge and skill on transfer appropriate farm Skills & technologies.
  • To demonstrate improved products through farmers participation.
  • To sensitize local government, administration and other stakeholders for needful assistance to producer institutions.
  • Project area and target

  • Wheat producer organisation will be formed in 6 Grampanchayatsviz. Odund, Devari, Semaliya, Sahnawa, Eral&NetawalGarhPachali inChittorgarh block of Chittorgarh district.
  • Orange Farmers Producer Organisation will be formed in 7 Grampanchayats viz. Jojwa, Khatwada, Dhakadkheri, Singoli, MotroKaKhera, KalyanPura&Mukanpuriyain Mandalgarh block of Bhilwaradistrict.
  • Expected Outcomes

  • 2 farmers producer organisations will be formed in two districts and 1000 farmers will associate with each organisation by end of project.
  • Achievements

  • Wheat farmer producer organisation has been established in chittorgarh district and 250 farmers have been received membership with deposit their share amount to producer organisation.
  • Orange farmer producer organisation has been established in Bhilwara district and above 250 farmers have been received membership with deposit their share amount to producer organisation.
  • Both Farmers Producer Organisations has been registered under company act.