Events Archive Oct 2009

Assessing Learning Skills – ASER 2009

Annual Survey of Education Report (ASER) 2009 survey training was organised at CHD on October 23-26. The purpose of the ASER survey is to assess the learning level of school going students. CUTS CHD is one of partners in carrying out the survey for Pratham Rajasthan for Chittorgarh. The survey was carried out in 30 villages of Chittorgarh district. 30 volunteers participated for the survey work.

Bal Sammelan Organised

Baal Sammelan was organised at CHD on October 22, 2009, to provide an opportunity to the members of Bal Sabha formed under the project ‘Improving the Quality of Elementary Education’ to interact with children from different villages and exchange views on their rights, responsibilities and to have an interface with district level officials. In this event, 350 children from 28 IQEE project villages participated.

Rajeshwari Meena, Pradhan, Chittorgarh Panchayat Samiti; Narbada Bhambi, Additional District Education Officer Elementary; Dr. Girraj Meena, Superintendent of Police, Chittorgarh; Suresh Sharma, Additional District Project Co-ordinator SSA; and a team of new inductees of Save the Children, viz., Sidharth Pande, Programme Co-ordinator, IPAP; Rajdeep Rao Chaudhary, Communications Officer; Divya Ganta, Corporate Fundraising Officer; Tapas R.. Mahapatra, Grants Officer; Satish Pakki, Marketing Officer; and Amit Chowdhury, Advocacy Officer, attended the programme.

Welcoming the guests and children, Ashish Tripathi, Acting Centre Co-ordinator said that high educational attainments are crucial in promoting and sustaining inclusion. He requested the children to help in identifying out-of-school children and get them back to schools. Rajeshwari Meena praised the efforts of CUTS in empowering children through Bal Panchayats. Narbada Bhambi motivated children to continue their studies by singing a few songs and poems for them. Dr. Girraj Meena shared various incidences related to his life and said that will power is more important than material resources in achieving success in life. He also lamented misuse of public property, like schools, by some people. Children displayed their creativity through dance, songs, plays, etc. ‘Baatan Gyan Ri’ part -1 was also released by the guests on this occasion.

Baseline Orientation Workshop

A two-day Researcher Baseline Orientation Workshop was organised at CHD on October 20 and 21. The purpose of this workshop was to orient the researchers about various tools, formats and schedules to be used for the Baseline Survey under the project Stronger Voice to Excluded Children in Government and NGO Policies and Programmes. 18 researchers participated in this workshop. Ashish Tripathi, Vandan Chauhan, Parth Joshi, Shanti Lal Dangi, Rehana Parveen and Sumitra Garg facilitated various session of the workshop.

Improving Hand Hygiene

Global Hand Wash Day Celebration was held in 33 Project Schools under the project Improving Quality of Elementary Education. The objective of the programme was to create awareness among children, teachers and community members about the importance of washing hand after going to toilet and before eating food. In one major programme organised at UPS Raghunathpura, Head Master Giriraj Prasad Sharma, Suresh Sharma Additional District Project Co-ordinator, SSA, and Shyam Sundar Sharma, Additional Block Education Officer, were present.

A rally was flagged off by Ashish Tripathi and Giriraj Prasad Sharma, in which all the children present in the school, the school staff, Madan Lal Keer and Neetu Joshi from CHD participated. Suresh Sharma made the children take a pledge that they will wash their hand after going to toilet and before eating food with soap. Neetu Joshi demonstrated the correct way of washing hand through a poem. Ashish Tripathi thanked the school staff and department officials for their continued support and expected the same in coming times. On this occasion, 60 soaps each were provided to the 33 schools under this project.

Stakeholder Consultation for Quality Education

Stakeholder Consultation and Orientation Workshop was organised at CHD on October 9, 2009, to share the progress of IQEEP project and sensitise about their responsibility towards ensuring quality education to their children. Ashish Tripathi welcomed all the participants and discussed about the ‘Quality Dimensions’ in IQEE. Sanjay Moud shared about the progress of project till date. Madan Lal Keer revisited the model of Bal Panchayats and Bal Sabha. Suresh Sharma, Additional District Project Co-ordinator SSA, shared various provisions in SSA for increasing the role of community in school management. 84 persons, including 4 Sarpanches, ward members, SDMC members and Anganwadi Workers attended this workshop.

Bal Mela Organised to Promote Child Rights

One Bal Mela was organised at Upper Primary Sschool, Kesarpura on October 06, 2009, to create awareness in the community regarding child rights, provide the children with a platform to display their skills and sensitise the Government school teachers towards child-friendly teaching and learning. This Mela was part of the Bal Sabha strengthening campaign under the project Stronger Voice to Excluded Children in Government and NGO Policies and Programmes. In this Mela, 155 children from Kesarpura, Medi ka Amrana, Neem ka Amrana, Bad ka Amrana, Samri and Shambhupura participated with ever-increasing enthusiasm and zest. Seema Desai, Head Teacher UPS Kesarpura, inaugurated the Mela by cutting the ribbon. This was followed by Saraswati Vandana by Sumitra Garg. Children joined her with full energy and interest. Senior teacher of UPS Kesarpura, Indu Puri Goswami, welcomed all the children, teachers and CUTS staff. She thanked CUTS for giving her school the opportunity to host this event. She requested all the teachers to enjoy the event as much as they could and make a promise that they will not scold any child that day.

The children were then divided in 10 groups of 15 children each. One teacher/CUTS staff was designated as facilitator for each group. It was taken care that each group has children from all the participating schools. In the group, the children introduced themselves by telling their names, class and the name of school from which they have come. The facilitators then distributed sheets of newspaper to their groups and helped in making paper caps. A rule was made with the consent of all the children that every one has to wear the cap, including teachers and other staff, otherwise he/she will not be considered part of the Bal Mela. The children were also provided drawing sheets and colours to draw and paint whatever they wished. Children made beautiful paintings and showed them to each-other. Bal Mela came to an end with distribution of snacks to children. Ashish Tripathi thanked all the children and staff of participating schools for providing CUTS with the opportunity to host the Mela with their support and make the day memorable and joyful for the children. Sumitra Garg, Parth Joshi and community volunteers were also present on this occasion.