Events Archive Oct 2008

ASER Survey Training

ASER 2008 survey training was organized at CHD on Oct 17-21. The purpose of the ASER survey is to assess the learning level of school going students. CUTS-CHD is one of partners in carrying out the survey for Pratham Rajasthan for Chittorgarh. The survey was carried out in thirty villages of Chittorgarh district. Thirty volunteers participated for the survey work.

Awareness program on International Hand Wash Day

A function during the International Hand Wash Day was organized at Government Primary School in Raghunathpura village of Chittor block on Oct 15. Children were told about the importance of washing hand before meal and after toilet. They were shown the correct way of hand washing with soap. Unicef along with GoI has taken the initiative to sensitize community about the importance of hygienic life and how important is hand washing before food and after toilet. It is a pilot project under the Sarwa Sikhsha Abhiyan. The project has been started in schools selected under the pilot project. Unicef has carried out a survey worldwide and found that people invest more than 50% of their income on illness and eating with dirty hand is one of the leading reason for falling ill. Based on the outcome, Unicef decided to aware people about the importance of washing hand and declared Oct 15, 2008 as the International Hand Wash Day.