Events Archive Nov 2009

Life Skill Education ToT

A four-day life skill education Training of Trainers was organised at CHD from November 26-29 to orient the staff about the life skill education. In this training programme, the first two days were devoted to building conceptual understanding of life skill issues. On the third day, the participants were asked to deliver the same to Bal Sabha members in four different villages. The process of training was recorded and on the fourth day, discussion was held on the way the trainers conducted the trainings. In the second–half, the staff cross-visited the four villages and conducted the training again. The training was facilitated by independent consultant, Rajat Bhatnagar.

Teacher Training on Social Inclusion and Child Rights

A one-day training of Government School Teachers’ was organised at CHD on November 24, 2009, on Social Inclusion and Child Rights under the IQEE Project. In this training programme, 36 government school teachers from IQEE project schools participated. Meena Raghani, DIET Prinicipal; Chandrakanta Tripathi, Additional District Education Officer Secondary; and Suresh Sharma, Additional District Project Co-ordinator ,SSA, facilitated various sessions of the training. Meena Raghani requested the teachers to treat their students in the same manner as they treat their own children. Chandrakanta Tripathi stressed on the need to make the schools more child-friendly.

PIMC – Bhilwara

The PIMC meeting of NABARD Chittorgarh project was held at CHD on November 17, 2009. The meeting was attended by the five members of the committee. A.K. Surana, Chief Manager, State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur; N.K. Sandhya, Lead District Manager, Bank of Baroda; Pankaj Yadav, District Development Manager, NABARD; and T.S. Meena, Manager, BOB, Senthi, attended the meeting. Ashish Tripathi, Madan Giri Goswami and Seema Yagnik from CUTS attended the meeting. The committee, after reviewing the progress, approved the release of the next instalment and requested to credit link the eligible groups. During the PIMC meetings, the committee members suggested encouraging women for inter-loaning. It has been recommended to explore.

PIMC- Chittorgarh

The Project Implementation and Monitoring Committee (PIMC) meeting of the National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD) Bhilwara project was held at Circuit House, Bhilwara, on November 16, 2009. H.S. Shekhawat, District Development Manager, NABARD; J.L. Suthar, Lead Bank Manager, Bank of Baroda; R.K. Paliwal, Lead District Officer RBI; Navjeevan Sharma, Recovery Officer, Baroda Rajasthan Grameen Bank; and Branch Managers of concerned Banks attended the meeting. Ashish Tripathi, Shiv Lal Prajapat, Pushkar Lal Meena and Modulal Daroga from CUTS attended the meeting. Members reviewed the progress of the project and approved the release of the next instalment. Shekhawat requested bankers to co-operate in opening bank accounts and asked CUTS to start thinking on the lines of federating the groups so as to make this effort sustainable.