Events Archive May 2007

Safe Motherhood, Reproductive and Child Health Programme

Survey on “Identification of Gaps in Safe Motherhood, Reproductive and Child Health” started on May 15, 2007 in Bhilwara and Chittorgarh districts. A two-day orientation programme for surveyors was organised on May 11-12, 2007. About 21 surveyors attended the orientation programme. All surveyors were selected from the target area and have the experience in carrying out such survey work. 17 surveyors from Bhilwara district (six from Banera block and 11 from Mandalgarh block) and four surveyors from Chittor block of Chittogarh district participated.

The orientation programme had the following objectives:

to orient surveyors on the survey process and type of questionnaire; and

to sensitise surveyors on health issues of women and children.

The final survey started on May 15, 2007. CHD team was divided in two groups. One team headed by Madan Lal Keer was given responsibility to cover Chittor block and the other team headed by Madan Giri Goswami was given responsibility to cover Banera block. A new comprehensive questionnaire has been prepared for the survey to assess the Mother and Child Health Care Services.

Suggestions to the questionnaire were received from two experts in the area of health services: Dr Rajendra Joshi and C M Saxena. All relevant suggestions were incorporated in the final questionnaire. Under the programme, the survey work was conducted from May 15 to June 12, 2007. About 2260 respondents were interviewed. A total of 29 surveyors were included in the final survey. Among them, four were Masters in Social Work (MSW) students, seven were CHD staff members and 18 were local people.