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Child Labour Campaign-2013

Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, June, 2013

A recent report “Children in India 2012” released by the Union Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Rajasthan accounts for nearly 10 percent of the total child labour in the country. This report further reveals that Jaipur alone is having more than 50,000 child labourers in the age group of 5-14 years. With this alarming number, the State stands third after Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh as far as child labourers are concerned (The information is based on 2001 census).
The situation is worst for girl child labourers. As per United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) report, an estimated 246 million children are working, and nearly three quarters of those children are working in hazardous places like mines, or working with dangerous tools like machinery and pesticides. A large number of child labourers are girls and susceptible to sexual exploitation.

Child labour is complex social problem, working children are denied of their rights of survival and development, education, leisure and play and adequate standard of living, opportunities for developing personality, talents, mental and physical abilities and protection from abuse and neglect.

Save the Children is committed to eliminate child labour from India. For this, Save the Children has launched a 45-day National Campaign in 15 states of India. Looking at the situation in Rajasthan, it has been planned to launch a 90-day campaign in Rajasthan focussing child labour and education. The overall campaign theme will be children in schools, not at work.

In this context, CUTS CHD is planning for mass rallies and signing of pledges’ campaign in 28 villages of six gram panchayats (Sawa, Samri, Shambhupura, Eral, Gatiyawali & Netawal Garh Pachli) at Chittorgarh District.

This campaign targets multiple audience segments with specific strategies and messages:

Advocate with policymakers/government to ensure that:

All children under 14 years of age are in school and not at work;

All forms of child labour without exceptions are banned;

All child labourers are rescued and effectively rehabilitated with their families within a three-year time period.

Sensitise potential employers, as well as families and communities where children are vulnerable to being exploited for child labour to the fact that child labour is against the law, and a violation of children’s rights to education and well-being; and

Sensitise the general public to the injustice of child labour so that they take action both within their personal and professional lives, as well as in the form of pledges and petitions.

This campaign has three objectives:

Reduce child labour through identification and mainstreaming the children in labour in project/intervention area.

Enroll child labour in formal schools.

Influence socio economic factors that compel children to work.

Under this campaign, policymakers, government officials and staff, panchayat, media, business groups, common mass, parents etc. will be targeted.

Campaigns and popular mobilisation:

Mass rallies at 28 villages of six gram panchayats at Chittorgarh District.

Activities involving children and young people (signing of pledges), film show etc.

Engaging media for coverage of events in local papers and individual journalists to develop stories

Programme Schedule for Film Show


For more information, please contact:

Dharmveer Yadav (Chittorgarh)- 88890841068,

Exposure Visit of 23 Adult Visually Impaired Persons

Mount Abu, June 18-19, 2013

CUTS Centre for Human Development (CUTS CHD), Chittorgarh is implementing a project entitled, ‘Community Based Rehabilitation’ (CBR) with the support of Sightsavers in two blocks of Chittorgarh District of Rajasthan. One of the most important components of this programme is rehabilitation of adult visually impaired (VI) persons so that they could get better status in their society and increase their earning. The condition of VI persons in rural areas is very poor and they are not accepted by their family and the society, and live under isolation. If orientation/exposure/training is provided to adult VI persons, such as orientation and mobility, daily living skills, livelihood/income generating activities, confidence building etc., and motivated through narration of success stories, they can contribute a lot to their family and themselves. Encouragement from family and friends also can be vital in supporting their participation in these orientation/training programmes.

Under CBR project, such types of activities are being conducted on a regular basis and good results are coming out. After receiving trainings VI persons have started walking independently, doing their daily activities on their own, increased their income by starting small business.

It is in this context, a training programme will be held at Mount Abu, on June 18-19, 2013. Around 23 persons (20 VI + 3 attendants) will be visiting National Association for the Blind (NAB) Training Centre, Mount Abu. It will be a new experience for VI persons as they will learn new things. Previous trainings were organised in Chittorgarh and the trainings were given by CBR staff only. Now they will be visiting new area and view different kinds of income generating activities.




June 17, 2013

Departure from Chittorgarh around 12 AM. Arrival at Mount Abu around 7 PM and night stay

June 18, 2013

Visit of NAB, Mount Abu. Exposure on orientation & mobility, daily living skills, making of candle and chalk, weaving chair etc.

June 19, 2013

Visit of NAB, Mount Abu. Exposure on orientation & mobility, daily living skills, making of candle and chalk, weaving chair etc.

June 20, 2013

Sightseeing at Mount Abu. Transit back to Chittorgarh and departure

For information, please contact:

Dharmveer Yadav/Aradhya Shankar Gour
Mobile: 8890841068