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SHG Sammelan in Bhilwara & Chittorgarh

Bhilwara, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, June 05-06, 2012

CUTS Centre for Human Development (CUTS CHD) at Chittorgarh was established in the year 1990 to facilitate intervention process for ‘community-based action programmes’ at the grassroot level. Among its many rural empowerment programmes, it has formed more than 800 SHG with the support from NABARD (410 in Bhilwara and 418 in Chittorgarh) out of which 85% are of women, and 28 SHGs are of persons with disabilities (including the blind).

With this background and willingness to take the movement forward, CUTS CHD organising SHG Sammelan in both the districts in which it is inviting representatives from SHGs so formed and discuss the issue of ‘Rural Sanitation’ and also ‘Building the Human Capital’ in addition to livelihood. The idea is to explore the possibilities of creating awareness among SHG members on these issues and receive their responses. Based on the outcome, CUTS will design an intervention programme to work on some of the issues with SHG members..

Date : June 05-06, 2012

SHG Members expected to attend at each venue: 300 to 350

Objectives of the Sammelan:

1. Encouraging SHG members through Information sharing and knowledge generation to participate in Rural Sanitation Programme

2. To build social capital through informing SHG members about different government schemes and how they can benefit from these schemes

The Sammelan Sessions will be attended by:

Mr. M.L. Mehta, President, CUTS International (Former Chief Secretary, Rajasthan)
Mr. Pradeep S Mehta, Secretary General, CUTS International
NABARD & Government officials
Other distinguished guests

For more information regarding the Sammelan, please contact:

Arun Talwar (Jaipur) – 9602421015,
Dharmveer Yadav (Chittorgarh)- 88890841068,
Madan Giri Goswami (Chittorgarh) -9829285938,