Events Archive June 2006

Launch Meeting of Universal Birth Registration Programme

The launch meeting of Universal Birth Registration (UBR) was held at Bhilwara with the support from Plan India, whose nodal agency is Indian Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR), Jaipur on June 29, 2006. Among the distinguished participants were: Nutan Jain and Nahar Singh from IIHMR, Jaipur; Kanhayalal Dhakad, Zila Pramukh, Bhilwara; CPK Jain, Statistical Officer; Geeta Gurjar, Additional Education Officer; and Maya Surana, Child Development Project Officer. Other participants included the stakeholders and sarpanches of three blocks of Bhilwara – Suwana, Mandalgarh and Baneda – where the project is being implemented.

In the launch meeting, birth registration certificates were provided to five-year old son of one Meera Dholi from Lakshmipura village and three year old daughter of Ramdev of Kheldiya village. Dhanna Singh Rawat along with CUTS Bhilwara staff was present on the occasion. Under the UBR project, other block level launch meetings were also organised at the panchayat samitis of Baneda, Mandalgarh and Suwana during February and March in which the situational analysis of the area was carried out. Cultural programmes and slogan writing were organised in the seven villages to generate awareness for birth registration.

Addressing the meeting, Ashutosh Gupt, said by taking care of personal and community hygiene and by using the health services a person, individual and public can take care of their health. Cleanliness has important contribution to health perseverance. He further said the government has the responsibility to take care of public health and security, but at the same time, consumers too need to be careful and aware of their health and security.

P N Khandelwal stated that countries development can only be actualised through healthy citizens and health and security are the fundamental rights of the people. He informed about laws in action against the use of substandard and adulterated commodities, polluted environment and unsafe services etc. In this context, he pointed out Consumer Protection Act, 1986. Speaking on health issues, Dr A A Gauri, retired Chief Medical Officer said processed fruits, sweets and other edible products and their colour, pollution therein affect badly on health of people. Senior Advocate, Bhanwarlal Shishodia said that as healthy people are the asset of the country, similarly unhealthy are a burden on the family, society and country.

On the occasion, a special postage stamp released by the Indian postage department, was released by Superintendent of head post office HP Soni. About 150 participants attended the seminar.