Events Archive Jan 2009

District Level Workshop of Tobacco project held

The District Level Workshop of Tobacco project was held on Jan 7 at CHD. Amar Deep Singh and Dharmendra Sharma attended the programme from CART. The purpose of the workshop was to disseminate survey findings carried out on tobacco products consumers and sellers, sensitize citizens about dangerous consequences of tobacco consumption and discuss various provision of Tobacco Control Law. Forty five participants of different background attended the workshop and expressed their views on tobacco ban. The Additional CMHO, Chittorgarh chaired the session.

Tobacco Control Awareness Rally organized

A Tobacco Control Awareness Rally was organized in Raghunathpura on Jan 9. The purpose of the rally was to create awareness among general masses about ill consequences of tobacco consumption. One hundred fifteen children of Government Upper Primary school participated in the rally. The rally was flagged of by Giriraj Prasad Sharma, Headmaster of UPS, Raghunathpura.

Sub Grassroots Interface Meetings organized under RESA Project

The Sub Grassroots Interface Meetings (SGIMs) under RESA project were held in Bhopalsagar, Rashmi, Begu and Gangrar blocks of Chittorgarh. The objective of SGIMs was to reach out to the local people who were targeted during the baseline survey and transfer some of the key advocacy skills to them.

In Bhopalsagar, the SGIM was held at Panchayat Bhawan on January 6. Twenty-seven participants attended the meeting

In Gangrar, the SGIM was held at the Panchayat Samiti, Borda village on January 7

In Rashmi, the SGIM was held at Matrikundia Panchayat Samiti on January 9. Thirty participants attended the meeting

In Begu, the SGIM was held at Panchayat Samiti, Nandwai village on January 9. Forty eight participants attended the meeting