Events Archive Feb 2009

Educational Tour for Bal Panchayat Members

Education tour of Bal Panchayat members from IQEEP villages to three selected NGOs (Vikash, Manav Aashrita Sansthan and Mahan Sewa Sansthan) of Uadipur was organized for Feb 22 and 23. App 69 participants (56 children, 10 animators and three CHD staffs) visited these NGOs. The purpose of the tour was to help children learn from experiences of other child forums and build their confidence to work as a team. Also the purpose was to expose children to external environment and help them to build their capacity in addressing problems of their life. The office of Vikash Sansthan situated in Koliyari block was visited. Forty members from different child forums formed by Vikash Sansthan joined the meeting and interacted with the CHD Bal Panchayat members. The field of Aashrita Sansthan in Kerwara, Bujahanuman of Jarol block and Mahan Sewa Sansthan in Koliyari of Jarol block of Udaipur district was visited. The tour gave ample opportunity to children to learn new things and make new friends.

Bal Mela

A Bal Mela was organized at CHD on Feb 15. Approximately three hundred & fifty children attended the mela. The purpose of the mela was to give opportunity to members of Bal Sabha formed under IQEEP to interact with children from different villages and exchange their views on their rights, responsibilities and quality education. Various games were planned for the day in which children participated overwhelmingly. In the afternoon, children presented cultural programmes. Ms Mitali (AGM, RPCD) and Ms K Sundari (DGM, Ombudsman Cell, RBI, Jaipur), Neetu Joshi (Programme Coordinator, Save the Children, Jaipur), Dr Sonica Sharma (wife of Dr Samit Sharma, District Collector), Narmada Bhawe (Additional DEO, Primary), Mahavir Krishnaiya (CMHO), Rajeshwari Meena (Pradhan), Govind Kabra (Chairman, Nagar Palika, Chittorgarh) and BL Sishodia (Senior Advocate) attended the cultural event presented by children along with other invitees. Read more…

Team building workshop

A team building training was organized at CHD from February 7-8. The training programme was planned to enhance the work efficiency of CUTS staff. TASMAC Management Training resources Pvt. Ltd, Pune was given the responsibility for conducting the training. Major General Lal Ram Rakhyani was the trainer. Nineteen participants attended the training programme. Twelve participants were CHD staffs and seven participants were CUTS-HO staffs. Lal Ram Rakhyani was the trainer. The purpose of the training was to help team members identify key factors that impact on team learning & development, assess their current role in promoting team learning & development, and identify good practice in giving and receiving feedback, a core skill.

Consultation workshop of SDMC members

Consultation workshops for School Development & Monitoring Committee (SDMC) members of twenty seven schools from twenty five IQEEP villages were held at CHD on Feb 2, 3, 10 & 12. The purpose of the meeting was to activate SDMCs and make them feel accountable towards their responsibilities. SDMCs have been constituted for every government school for reviewing school activities on regular basis. Unfortunately SDMCs are functioning only on paper. In order to revive SDMCs, consultation workshops were organized. 193 SDMC members attended in four different workshops.