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District Level Children Media Interface

Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, April 26, 2013

Media interface meeting an important tool to disseminate the information in mass in a right way to create sensitivity as well as awareness. In current scenario most of families have reached or access of newspapers and television hence media is playing very wide role in right based community development.

In association with Save the Children, CUTS-CHD is implementing a project titled, “Stronger Voice to Excluded Children in Govt. NGOs Policies & Programs” in 28 villages of 6 Gram Panchayat (Shambhupura, Samri, Sawa, Netawalgarhpachli, Ghatiyawali and Eral) of Chittorgarh Block along with that we also implementing a project titled “Community Based Rehabilitation” for Person with Disability in two blocks viz. Chittorgarh and Nimbahera. The objective of project is to ensure the rights of children and PWDs and improved the status that their voice being heard and recognize institutionally through different activities and it is one of them.


For more information, please contact:

Dharmveer Yadav (Chittorgarh)- 88890841068,