DPO leadership training programme

    26 & 27 May 2016
    A DPO leadership training program for two days was organised at CUTS centre for Human Development from 26th to 27th May 2016 fully residentially. Total 36 DPO members (28 Male & 8 Female including 5 Visually Impaired Persons) were participated from District DPO & block Level DPOs in Bassi, Nimbahera, Kanera&Bhadesar.

    The objectives of the training were-

  • Understanding on organisation/group & its importance
  • Enhance the understanding on leadership & its process
  • Characteristics of leader of a group & role – responsibilities of a leader
  • Operating meeting effectively & its process with primary documentation
  • Understanding on Govt Security Schemes towards disabled
  • Sharing PwD ACT 1995, UNCRPD & supporting ACTs
  • The training was started with the welcome address by Mr. GauharMahmood. He Shared about CUTS & SSIP program in detail. He hoped with participants for fully participations in whole training.Mr.KamleshJangid (DPM-SSIP) shared the objectives & day to day contents of the training in detail. Mr. Kamlesh Sharma decided the thumb rules of the training discussing with participants & along with the expectations of the participants from the training & pre-assessment formats were filled by participants.Mr. Jangid explained the organisation as a social unit of the people that is structured & managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goal. All organisations have a management structure that determines relationships between the different activities & the members & subdivides and assigns roles, responsibilities and authority to carry out different tasks. Organisations are open systems they affect and are affected by their environment. The discussion was done with the short video playing & Presentation.

    In the next session the participants did work in group on the importance of organising. All participants discussed in the groups & prepared presentation. The groups presented their presentation one by one. Mr. Jangid shared the importance of organising that Organization allows individuals and groups to perform tasks more efficiently. It helps people find information and items faster, and it allows groups to work together without wasting time. Organization is important for dealing with information as well. The participants did work in group.
    Mr.MadanLalKeer discussed about the leader of a team or a group & the characteristics of a leader in detail by presentation. A game was played for better understanding on leadership & its qualities. The participants did work in their group on how we conduct meeting effectively & group members presented their presentation one by one. Mr.Keer consolidated the discussion that planning, preparation & objectives should be done before the meeting. The meeting should be documented properly & the decision should be shared with all the participants & responsibilities should be given among the members. Regular Follow-up of the meeting & regular monitoring of the decision made, are very important.

    Mrs.GayatriMoad (Community mobilizers-SSIP) discussed about the govt security schemes as MukhyamantriSwarojgarYojana, PalanhaarYojana, SukhadDampatyaYojana, Atal Pension Yojana, Bus Pass, Rail Pass, ASTHA Card, Scholarship, Assistance Device etc. & the formats of the above schemes were shared with participants. Mr.KamleshJangid discussed about PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES (equal opportunities, full participation & protection of rights) ACT 1995, towards the social security, rights & legal aspects of disability in India. He shared that PWD act achieves its goal towards disability through Education, Employment, Special facilities, preferential allotment, Prevention and early detection, Rehab and social security etc.

    At the end of training, Mr. Kamleshsharma facilitated for filled post assessment formats from participants & closed the training after delivering thanks for active participation.