Conducted Awareness generation Programme(Film Show)

Four awareness generation programme (Film Show) were organized at shambhupura on 6th September, at Eral on 21st September, at Odund on 16th September & at Netawalgarhpachhali on 24th September in Chittorgarh block. Total around 200 people benefitted in these camps.

The objectives of the programme is to Change the perspective towards PWDs livelihood of stake holders both government and community along with PWDs itself. Resulted the community will give them respect & do their support into their mainstreaming & will give them opportunity for fully participation in society. The perspective of community will change towards PWDs employment or business. The film shows were conducted at Atalsewa Kendra, schools as per availability & accessibility of the people. The themes of the video is –

Positive steps towards people with disabilities
Mentality of community towards livelihood of disabled people

First, a video was shown for awareness about eye health care prepared by Sightsavers. This video does aware the community about the diseases of eye, care of eye & the vision of Sightsavers in broad perspectives. A motivational video ‘Person with disabilities-Positive Steps (Part-4)-SatymevJayate’ was shown in the community in which the interview of a disabled people was shown who being a disabled formed an organisation namely ‘family of disabled’ & engage in various training program for disabled people & support them for set-up their livelihood. This video also aware the employers & community who have mis-conceptions & have a fear to give opportunities for disabled people to work.

At the end, a short video was shown prepared by SSIP team. The video turns the negativity of the community into positivity, showing disabled people working at designated position. Interviews of disabled people of the areas were shown in the continuing video.

During the film show or ending film show the developed IEC materials were distributed among the community & requested to paste the poster or IEC materials at appropriate place in the community.