Clean India Mission Week

20 to 27 October 2016.

Clean India Mission Week initiated by Municipal Council Chittorgarh from 20 to 27 Oct 2016. Under CUTS Centre for Human Development observed two different programme in Gandhi Nagar slum area and GaadiLuhar Colony of Chittorgarh to promote habit of clean house, streets road, sanitation, environment etc. During the campaign the participants motivated towards construction of latrines, promoting sanitation, cleaning streets, roads to lead the city ahead. Mr ArvindVyas, Assistant Engineer from Municipality Council address the community and requested that every people should take this campaign as a challenge and try his/her best to make this campaign a successful campaign ever.

The GadiaLuhar Colony women’s teams were formed to clean up the areas with lot of enthusiasm and zeal. All the personnel took the pledge also to keep India clean. Speaking on the occasion, CUTS CHD team appealed to the people of the area for keeping their surroundings clean to nurture healthy life. “The process of cleanliness should not be restricted to this day only but we should make it a habit to keep surroundings clean” In this occasion GauharMahmood, MadanGiriGoswami, GaytriMoad, Mohan LalMeghwal from CHD attended the program, Total 115 Women participated,