Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) Survey

Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) is the largest citizen-led survey in India. It is also the only annual source of information on children’s learning outcomes available in India today and so the idea of the ASER initiated and facilitated by Pratham. Nationwide survey measures the enrolment status of children between 3-16 years and tests basic reading and arithmetic abilities of children through a detailed process that uses a common set of testing tools and a comprehensive sampling framework.

In each rural district, a local NGO/institution carries out the survey. The entire pan-Indian process is completed within approximately 100 days and the report is released in January each year by Pratham. The findings are disseminated widely within the government and elsewhere at the national, state, district and village levels.
ASER has become an important factor in the education policies of both the Central and State Governments with several State Governments using the findings to help define their education programmes each year. The findings of the survey have been cited in the approach paper to the 11th Planning Commission and the Economic Survey of India.

CUTS Centre for Human Developmentactive survey partner for the Chittorgarh district since 2005. The CUTS Centre for Human Development carries out the annual household survey to assess children’s schooling status and basic learning levels in reading and arithmetic in rural area of Chittorgarhdistrict.

ASER survey is a household-based rather than school-based. This design enables all children to be included – those who have never been to school or have dropped out, as well as those who are in government schools, private schools, religious schools or anywhere else.

In Chittorgarh district every year, 30 villages are sampled. In each village, 20 randomly selected households are surveyed. This process generates a total of 600 households of Chittorgarhdistrict.